General Information about Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa and is landlocked between Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. There are around 13,000,000 people living in Zimbabwe. The most commonly spoken language in Zimbabwe is Shona which is spoken by 76% of the population. English is Zimbabwe's official language although only 2% of the popultion regard it as their first language.

The Syncretic religion (a combination of Christian and Indigenous beliefs) is followed by around half the population of Zimbabwe. Harare is Zimbabwe's capital city and is situated to the north east of the centre of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe shares the magnificent Victoria Falls with Zambia. This is the perfect place for those who like to pump the adrenaline as you can partake in activities such as white-water rafting, abseiling, river-boating and bungee jumping. If you happen to be at Victoria Falls when there is a full moon you will be able to witness the beautiful lunar rainbow which appears over the falls.


Find Out About The Climate In Zimbabwe

The climate of Zimbabwe is mainly tropical, but the seasons are reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere due to Zimbabwe's location to the Equator. There are three main seasons in Zimbabwe with the summer months beginning in October and ending in April. The days are hot and sunny with averages of 30 degrees with the occasional thunderstorm. From November until March is the wet season with the eastern regions receiving more rain than the rest of the country. The winter months are the best times to visit for game viewing and white water rafting with pleasant weather and averages of 20 degrees.


Geographical Information On Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe announced their independence back in 1965 from the United Kingdom but was not officially recognized until 1980 with assistance from the United Nations and a guerrilla uprising. Much of Zimbabwe's country side is full of high plateau and is mountainous in the east. Zimbabwe measures over 386,670 square kilometres with 3,910 squares kilometres consisting of water. Zimbabwe's highest peak is Mount Nyangani which used to be know as Mount Inyangani, is located at the Nyanga National Park in the Nyanga district and rises to over 2,592 metres. The lowest point in Zimbabwe sits at the junction of the Runde and Save rivers and measures in at 162 metres, located near Victoria Falls.


Learn About The Economy In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has one of the poorest economies in the world due to many factors but mainly due to poor economic mismanagement. The unemployment rate sits around 80 percent with over 68 percent of the population living below the poverty line. Out of the 40 countries in sub-Saharan African region Zimbabwe came in at 40th place in 2007. The agricultural industry only accounts for 17 percent of the economy with the main exports being cotton, tobacco, gold, and textiles. The official currency of Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean Dollar.

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