Virgin Islands

General Information about Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are a group of about 100 islands in the Caribbean that are divided into two parts, the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The islands were named Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes after Saint Ursula and her 11,000 virgins by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The Virgin Islands have a combined population of about 130,000 people. Around 22,000 people live in the British Virgin Islands and almost 108,000 people live in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The official language of both parts of the Virgin Islands is English, but some Spanish and French is also spoken by minorities. The main religion of the British Virgin Islands is Protestant. There is also a small Roman Catholic following. The U.S. Virgin Islands main religions are Baptist, Roman Catholic and Episcopalian. The capital cities are Charlotte Amalie (U.S. Islands) and Road Town (UK Islands).

The Virgin Islands are among the most popular places in the Caribbean to go sailing. Scuba-diving off the British Virgin Islands is very popular as 'The Rhone' shipwreck lies here. The underwater scenes of the film 'The Deep' were shot here.


Find Out About The Climate Of The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands experience one of the best climates in the world with a tropical climate and year round summer conditions. Humidity levels are low on the Virgin Islands and are tempered by the north east trade winds with temperatures sitting around 26 degrees. Visiting from February to July is best as these are the driest months although rainfall is not very high. Most of the islands rainfall occurs in May and August and from September through to November. Temperatures don't often go above 32 degrees or below 21 degrees.


Geographical Information On The Virgin Islands

Set within the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands is a archipelago group within the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean just east of Puerto Rico. The Virgin Islands can also be found with in the Leeward Islands group which are the norhtern islands of the Lesser Antilles. The islands coastline extends for over 188 kilometres while the totatl area of the group measures in at 1,910 square kilometres which includes 346 square kilometres of water. The terrain of the islands is mostly mountainous and hilly with the highest point being known as Crown Mountain which rises to over 475 metres. The lowest point of the Virgin Islands is the Caribbean Sea at sea level.


Learn About The Economy Of The Virgin Islands

The tourism industry is the most important contributor to the economy of the Virgin Islands with tourists increasing in numbers each year. In fact there was a reported 2.6 million visitors to the island in 2005. The Virgin Islands is home to one of the world's largest petroleum refineries which is also the islands most important export. The industry sector is important to the economy with the main trades being watch assembly, rum distilling, construction, pharmaceuticals, textiles and electronics. The agricultural industry is low resulting in most of the food supply for the islands being imported in. The official currency of the Virgin Islands is US Dollar.

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Attractions, Activities and Tours in Virgin Islands

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Guesthouses in Virgin Islands

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Hostels in Virgin Islands

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Hotels in Virgin Islands

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