United States Minor Outlying Islands

General Information about United States Minor Outlying Islands

The islands of the United States Minor Outlying Islands consist of Palmyra Atoll, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Wake island, Jarvis Island, Howland Island, Baker Island, Bajo Nuevo Bank, Serranilla Bank, and Navassa Islands.

The Palmyra Atoll is located just South of the Hawaii Islands and also was an atoll of Hawaii measures at a total of twelve square kilometres. You will find the Palmyra Atoll between the Hawaii and American Samoa.

Just west of Hawaii is the Johnston Atoll which covers a total area of 130 square kilometres and was also an atoll of Hawaii up until 1958. There are four islands within the Johnston Atoll with Johnston Island being the largest followed by Sand Island, North Island and East Island. A large portion of the uninhabited Kingman Reef is submerged and is also found between Hawaii and American Samoa.

Wake Island's which is claimed by the Marshall Islands but is also closely neighboured by Honolulu and is set within the North Pacific Ocean. Wake Island is in fact an atoll made up of three smaller islands in total.

Located between the Cook Islands and Hawaii is the tiny island now known as Jarvis Island. Jarvis island which was also known as Bunker Island is uninhabited and was first discovered back in 1821.

Howland Island which covers a total area 131.84 square kilometres with 130 square kilometres being submerged. Howland Island can be found between Honolulu and Australia and remains uninhabited today.

Set within the central Pacific Ocean is the uninhabited Baker Island which is used by the United States as a Wildlife Service and National Wildlife Refuge. Baker Island is partially submerged measuring at a total of 1.64 square kilometres and was first sighted back in 1818.

Also used by the United States Fish and Wildlife Services is the Navassa Island which covers a total area of 5.2 square kilometres. Navassa Island is set within the Caribbean Sea and was first sighted in 1504 by Christopher Columbus. Remaining uninhabited Navassa Island's only official residents has been labourers who were working on the Island.

The uninhabited reef of Bajo Nuevo Bank was first discovered back in 1634 and is approximately 26 kilometres long and 9 kilometres wide. Set within the western Caribbean Sea, and also referred to as Petrel Islands, Bajo Nuevo Bank is a popular destination for lobster fishing.

Serranilla Bank which was originally an atoll is located within the western parts of the Caribbean Sea, covering a total area of 1,200 square kilometres. Also found within this area is the Beacon Cay, East Cay, Middle Cay and West Breaker.

These islands have only since 1986 been grouped together under the name of the United States Minor Outlying Islands and have never in their history had any official permanent residents.

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