General Information about Uganda

Uganda is situated in eastern Africa landlocked between Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda shares the Lake Victoria in it's south with Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda has a population of around 24,600,000 people. The official language is English but Swahili and Ganda are also commonly spoken. Ugandan pople are mainly Roman Catholic or Protestant.

Uganda has beautiful mountains and is a great place for trekking and tracking mountain gorillas. Uganda's capital city Kampala is located in Uganda's south on the edge of Lake Victoria. Kampala is a very modern and safe city to visit. Here there are many casinos, nightclubs and restaurants to keep visitors entertained as well as shops and markets. Also long the edge of Lake Victoria and not too far away from Kampala is Jinja. This city has many interesting Asian buildings and is one of the places Mahatma Gandhi's ashes are scattered.


Find Out About The Climate In Uganda

Uganda has a tropical climate although it is affected by its high altitude resulting in cooler weather in some parts. Along the mountainous regions the weather can be cooler with the tips of the peaks often being covered in snow. December through to March are the best months to visit for pleasant weather as well as June through to September. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year, except for in the north eastern corner. The sun shines daily on average for 12 hours and Uganda experiences over 250 days of sunshine each year. The average temperature sits around 30 degrees in the north east and a mild 25 degrees in the wouth western highlands. Temperatures rarely go below 16 degrees.


Geographical Information On Uganda

Set in astride the equator Eastern Africa Uganda sits at an altitude of 1,134 metres above sea level and has a total land mass of 236,040 square kilometres. Uganda is a landlocked country with the Indian Ocean located approximately 800 kilometres awat. Its highest peak Margherita Peak can be found on Mount Stanley in the Ruwenzori Range and measures over 5,109 metres. Uganda shares Margherita Peak with the Democratic Republich of the Congo and is also the third highest mountain in Africa. The lowest point in Uganda is Lake Albert at 621 metres but is also the seventh largest lake in Africa.


Learn About The Economy In Uganda

The economy of Uganda largely revolves around the agricultural industy which employs over 80 percent of the population and contributes over 30 percent of the economy. Uganda's economy is now 63.4 percent free and sits at 5th place out of the 40 countries in the sub-Saharan African region, and has been since 2007. Uganda exports many products but some of the main exports are fish and fish products, tea, cotton, flowers, gold, and coffee which is one of Uganda's largest money earners. Uganda receives financial aid from many countries with as much as $1.198 billion since 2005. The official currency of Uganda is the Ugandan Shilling.

Apartments in Uganda

* Bulago Island Apartments* Buluube Apartments* Bwerenga Apartments
* Entebbe Apartments* Fort Portal Apartments* Jinja Apartments
* Kajansi Apartments* Kampala Apartments* Masaka Apartments
* Mbale Apartments* Mbarara Apartments* Mpigi Apartments
* Mubende Apartments* Munyonyo Apartments* Namugongo Apartments
* Nebbi Apartments

Attractions, Activities and Tours in Uganda

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Guesthouses in Uganda

* Buye Guesthouses* Bwerenga Guesthouses* Entebbe Guesthouses
* Fort Portal Guesthouses* Gulu Guesthouses* Jinja Guesthouses
* Kabale Guesthouses* Kajansi Guesthouses* Kampala Guesthouses
* Kasese Guesthouses* Kibale Guesthouses* Kisoro Guesthouses
* Lyamutundwe Guesthouses* Masaka Guesthouses* Mbale Guesthouses
* Mbarara Guesthouses* Moroto Guesthouses* Mukono Guesthouses
* Mukono Ug Guesthouses

Hostels in Uganda

* Buzzi Hostels* Bwindi Impenetrable Park Hostels* Entebbe Hostels
* Fort Portal Hostels* Kampala Hostels* Kisoro Hostels
* Masaka Hostels

Hotels in Uganda

* Arua Hotels* Bugambira Hotels* Bugolobi Hotels
* Bugombe Hotels* Buhoma Hotels* Bukongo Hotels
* Bukoto Hotels* Bukusu Hotels* Bulago Island Hotels
* Bulambiro Hotels* Bulenga Hotels* Buloba Hotels
* Buloba Hotels* Buloba Ug Hotels* Bulubandi Hotels
* Bushenyi Hotels* Busonga Hotels* Buwate Hotels
* Buyala Hotels* Buzzi Hotels* Bwendero Hotels
* Bwera Hotels* Bwerenga Hotels* Bwebajja Hotels
* Bweya Hotels* Bwindi Impenetrable Park Hotels* Chabahinga Hotels
* Durama Hotels* Entebbe Hotels* Fort Portal Hotels
* Gaba Hotels* Gaba Hotels* Gaba Ug Hotels
* Gulu Hotels* Hoima Hotels* Iganga Hotels
* Isunga Hotels* Jinja Hotels* Kabale Hotels
* Kabatoro Hotels* Kahendero Hotels* Kajansi Hotels
* Kakoge Hotels* Kalangala Hotels* Kalisizo Hotels
* Kampala Hotels* Kamuli Hotels* Kangulumira Hotels
* Kasenyi Hotels* Kasenyi Ug 1 Hotels* Kasese Hotels
* Kasiyirize Hotels* Kasunganyanja Hotels* Kasusu Hotels
* Katale Hotels* Katara Hotels* Katoke Hotels
* Katunguru Hotels* Katwe Hotels* Kazinga Hotels
* Kibale Forest National Park Hotels* Kichwamba Hotels* Kigo Hotels
* Kihihi Hotels* Kireka Hotels* Kirinya Hotels
* Kisoro Hotels* Kitende Hotels* Kitubulu Hotels
* Kyambogo Hotels* Kyegegwa Hotels* Lake Nyabikere Hotels
* Lira Hotels* Lorengedwat Hotels* Lubowa Hotels
* Lugala Hotels* Luhizha Hotels* Lukunyu Hotels
* Lyamutundwe Hotels* Makindye Hotels* Masaka Hotels
* Masindi Hotels* Mbale Hotels* Mbarara Hotels
* Mbuya Hotels* Mbuya Ug Hotels* Mitoma Hotels
* Mityana Hotels* Mpenja Hotels* Mubende Hotels
* Muhanga Hotels* Muko Hotels* Mukono Hotels
* Mukyibara Hotels* Munyonyo Hotels* Muyenga Hotels
* Nakitoma Hotels* Nalugala Hotels* Namugongo Hotels
* Namulanda Hotels* Njeru Hotels* Ntungamo Hotels
* Ntungamo Hotels* Ntungamo Ug Hotels* Nyakalembe Hotels
* Nyakayojo Hotels* Paraa Hotels* Port Bell Hotels
* Rubuguli Hotels* Rugando Hotels* Ruhanga Hotels
* Ruhendwa Hotels* Seeta Hotels* Sisa Hotels
* Soroti Hotels* Vumba Hotels

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