General Information about Tunisia

Tunisia is Africa's northern most country. It is situated on the the Mediterranean Coast and bordered by Algeria to the west and southwest and Libya to the southeast. About 40% of Tunisia is made up of the Sahara Desert. There are about 9,920,000 people living in Tunisia with almost one million of these living in Tunisia's capital city Tunis. Arabic is the official language spoken in Tunisia but English, French and German are also commonly spoken.

Tunis is situated on the coast of the Gulf Of Tunis in the Mediterranean Sea. This city appears more like a large country town, making it fairly easy to find your way around here. Carthage is another spot worth a visit, featuring the ruins of one of the greatest cities of the ancient world. Tunisia has many other attractions such as wonderful beaches, the Sahara Desert and Star Wars film locations.


Find Out About The Climate Of Tunisia

Tunisia has a two climatic belts and is generally warm all year round. In the southern regions of Tunisia the climate is more Mediterranean with the summer months starting in May and finishing in September. The summer months are usually hot and dry. The winter months of October to April is wet with mild weather. Along the coast temperatures are mild with aveages of 18 degrees. In the southern parts the climate is more Saharan with dry hot days as well as minimal rainfall.


Geographical Information On Tunisia

Tunisia which was originally a French colony announced their independence from France back in 1956 is mostly mountainous in the north, with a dry central plain with the south merging into the Sahara desert. Tunisia has a coastline of 1,148 kilometres with a total land mass of 163,610 square kilometres. Tunisia's highest peak of Jebel ech Chambi is set in the city of Kasserine and measures over 1,544 metres. Jebel ech Chambi is covered by pine forests and is an amazing sight to see. The lowest point in Tunisia of Shatt al Gharsah measures at 17 metres below sea level.


Learn About The Economy In Tunisia

Tunisia's economy is amongst the higest in North Africa and sits in 6th place out of 17 in the Middle East / North Africa region and is 61 percent free. Tunisia had an unemployment rate of 13.9 percent back in 2006 with approximately 7.4 percent of the population living below the poverty line. The agricultural industry offers over 55 percent of the economy with the main produces being olives, olive oil, grain, tomatoes, dates, almonds, beef, and dairy products. The official currency of Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar.

Apartments in Tunisia

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Attractions, Activities and Tours in Tunisia

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Guesthouses in Tunisia

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Hotels in Tunisia

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