General Information about Tanzania

Tanzania is located in eastern Africa and is bordered by Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and the Indian Ocean. Tanzania is made up of the mainland region Tanganyika and the islands of Zanzibar on it's east coast. There are 35,922,000 people living in Tanzania, with around 1,070,000 people living on the islands of Zanzibar. Swahili and English are the official languages spoken in Tanzania and Christianity and Muslim are the most common religions.

Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania but the largest city is Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam is a fairly weathly city with the Kariakoo Market and busy streets attracting tourists. Stone Town, the most interestng city in Zanzibar, also known as Unguja, is another popular place to visit because of it's mix of European, African, Arabic and Indian architecture.


Find Out About The Climate In Tanzania

Because of Tanzania is located so close to the equator the seasons don't vary too much. There are two main wet seasons in Tanzania, with the March to May experiencing heavier downpours while the conditions are milder from November to January. Tanzania experiences tropical conditions along the coast, while in the highlands the conditions are more temperate. The best months to visit are to visit the Serengeti is from January to March, however April and May should be avoided due to the wet weather.


Geographical Information On Tanzania

Tanzania has a coastline of over 1,424 kilometres and a total area of 945,087 square kilometres. Also a part of Tanzania is the islands of Mafia, Pemba, and Zanzibar. Tanganyika and Zanzibar used to be a colonies of Britian and since its independence back in the 60's the two countries joined to form Tanzania. The highest peak in Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro with rises to over 5,895 metres and is the fourth highest mountain.


Learn About The Economy In Tanzania

The economy of Tanzania relies heavily on the agricultural industry which contributes over 43 percent and employs over 80 percent of the population. Some of the main produces are coffee, cotton, cashews, tobacco as well as livestock. Tanzania has many natural minerals including diamonds, gold, salt and iron mining just to name a few. Despite all of this Tanzania is still amongst some of the poorest countries in the world receiving over $1.505 billion dollars is economic aid in 2005. The official currency is the Tanzanian Shilling.

Apartments in Tanzania

* Arusha Apartments* Bagamoyo Apartments* Banda Kuu Apartments
* Bi Moja Apartments* Bunju Apartments* Bwejuu Apartments
* Bweju Apartments* Dar es Salaam Apartments* Jambiani Apartments
* Karangai Apartments* Karatu Apartments* Kendwa Apartments
* Kigomanunguru Apartments* Kiwengwa Apartments* Kutani Apartments
* Makunduchi Apartments* Marumbi Apartments* Matemwe Apartments
* Mazizini Apartments* Mbweni Apartments* Moshi Apartments
* Mto wa Mbu Apartments* Mtoni Apartments* Mtoni Tz Apartments
* Mtwara Apartments* Musoma Apartments* Nkoanrua Apartments
* Nungwi Apartments* Paje Apartments* Pongwe Apartments
* Potoa Apartments* Pwani Mchangani Apartments* Singida Apartments
* Stone Town Apartments* Tinga Tinga Apartments* Uroa Apartments
* Usa River Apartments* Ushongo Mabaoni Apartments* Zanzibar City Apartments
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Attractions, Activities and Tours in Tanzania

* Arusha Attractions* Dar es Salaam Attractions* Lushoto Attractions
* Mwanza Attractions* Yaida Attractions* Zanzibar Attractions
* Zanzibar City Attractions* Zanzibar Town Attractions

Guesthouses in Tanzania

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* Jambiani Guesthouses* Kidimni Guesthouses* Kigomani Guesthouses
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* Nkoaranga Guesthouses* Nungwi Guesthouses* Oldeani Guesthouses
* Paje Guesthouses* Stone Town Guesthouses* Uroa Guesthouses
* Usa River Guesthouses* Zanzibar City Guesthouses* Zanzibar Guesthouses

Hostels in Tanzania

* Arusha Hostels* Dar es Salaam Hostels* Iringa Hostels
* Kioga Hostels* Moshi Hostels* Nkoanrua Hostels
* Nungwi Hostels* Stone Town Hostels* Utende Hostels

Hotels in Tanzania

* Arusha Hotels* Babati Hotels* Bagamoyo Hotels
* Banagi Hotels* Boma la Ngombe Hotels* Bububu Hotels
* Bukoba Hotels* Bunju Hotels* Bwejuu Hotels
* Bweju Hotels* Bwiru Hotels* Chake Chake Hotels
* Chole Hotels* Chukwani Hotels* Dar es Salaam Hotels
* Dodoma Hotels* Endesh Hotels* Engare Nanyuki Hotels
* Fanjove Island Hotels* Fumba Hotels* Grave Island Hotels
* Hambayo Hotels* Himo Hotels* Ifakara Hotels
* Ihanda Hotels* Ikoma Hotels* Ilemera Hotels
* Ilonga Hotels* Ilusi Hotels* Ilusi Tz Hotels
* Iringa Hotels* Itonga Hotels* Itungi Port Hotels
* Jambiani Hotels* Kaiti Hotels* Kakanse Hotels
* Kalemera Hotels* Kama Hotels* Karatu Hotels
* Kendwa Hotels* Kengeja Hotels* Kianga Hotels
* Kibamba Hotels* Kibigija Hotels* Kibosho Hotels
* Kidoti Hotels* Kifungilo Hotels* Kigaga Hotels
* Kigoma Hotels* Kigongoni Hotels* Kilima Juu Pwani Hotels
* Kilindoni Hotels* Kilwa Masoko Hotels* Kimbiji Hotels
* Kingori Hotels* Kioga Hotels* Kipili Hotels
* Kisaki Hotels* Kisasa Hotels* Kisawasawa Hotels
* Kitongani Hotels* Kitumbeine Hotels* Kiwengwa Hotels
* Kizimkazi Hotels* Kizungu Hotels* Korogwe Hotels
* Kumba Urembo Hotels* Kutani Hotels* Kwa Kuchinia Hotels
* Kwa Mhinda Hotels* Kwangwazi Hotels* Kyela Hotels
* Lindi Hotels* Logeloge Hotels* Longido Hotels
* Lushoto Hotels* Machame Hotels* Madege Hotels
* Makabe Hotels* Makanda Hotels* Makangale Hotels
* Makolda Hotels* Makunduchi Hotels* Makuyuni Hotels
* Mangapwani Hotels* Mapogoro Hotels* Marangu Hotels
* Matema Beach Hotels* Matemwe Hotels* Mbeya Hotels
* Mbuguni Hotels* Mbweni Hotels* Mfisini Hotels
* Mfumbwi Hotels* Michamvi Hotels* Mikumi Hotels
* Mikumi National Park Hotels* Mingoyo Hotels* Mkalinzu Hotels
* Mkoani Hotels* Mkwaja Hotels* Morogoro Hotels
* Moshi Hotels* Mpapa Hotels* Mpwapwa Hotels
* Mto wa Mbu Hotels* Mtowabaga Hotels* Mtwara Hotels
* Mugumu Hotels* Mwanza Hotels* Naberera Hotels
* Nanyati Hotels* Ndungu Hotels* Ngajira Hotels
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* Singida Hotels* Sinoni Hotels* Sokon Hotels
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* Tukuyu Hotels* Tunduma Hotels* Turiani Hotels
* Turiani Tz Hotels* Ubena Bwawani Hotels* Ubungo Hotels
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