General Information about Somalia

Somalia is located in east Africa and is bordered by Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Indian Ocean. Somalia has a population of about 9 million people who speak Somali as well as some English, Arabic and Italian. The most commonly followed religion is Sunni Muslim. Due to the civil war, Somali's capital city Mogadishu has very few attractions remaining, although some have ruins are interesting sites.

Las Geel is a more popular place to visit with its neolithic artwork painted on the rocks of caves and shelters which have been very well kept over the years. The best place to get the experience of the Somali lifestyle is in the city of Hargeisa. Again, the city is quite danaged from the civil wars but has many English-speaking staff in hotels, restaurants and cafes. Due to fighting in some areas of the country, Somalia is considered a fairly dangerous place to holiday.


Find Out About The Climate In Somalia

Somalia has a tropic like climate and is hot and wet with four seasons each year. The main season known as the Gu lasts from April until June with the next wet season beginning in October to December and is known as Dayr. December is the beginning of the dry season lasting until March. June until September are great times to visit with rain only falling occasionaly along the coast. Temperatures in Somalia average around 30 to 40 degrees each year.


Geographical Information On Somalia

The coastline of Somalia extends for over 3,025 kilometres along the Indian Ocean. Somalia has a total land area of 637,540 square kilometres and is situated on the tip of the Horn of Africa. Somalia's highest peak of Surud Cad can be found near Ceerigaabo which rises to over 2,408 metres. The country side of Somalia is full of plateaus, plains and highlands.


Learn About The Economy In Somalia

Cattle raising in Somalia is the most important contributer to the economy, although drought in recent years has hampered this. The agriculture industry provides over 60 percent of the economy with bananas, corn, sugarcane, mangoes, and sesame seeds being amongst the popular produces. Despite all of this Somalia is still listed amongst the poorest countries in the world receiving financial support from many countries around the globe. The official currency of Somalia is the Somali Shilling.

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