General Information about Seychelles

Seychelles is made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the easwt coast of Africa. English is the officail language spoken by those in Seychelles but 92% of the population speak Creole. The ethnic groups living in Seychelles are a mix of French, Indian, African, Arab and Chinese which make up a population of around 79,000 with 90% of people following Catholic beliefs.

About one third of the population live in the capital city Victoria which is located on the island Mahe and is a fairly modern city. Aldabra Atoll is one of the most poular places to visit in Seychelles. It is one of the worlds largest coral atolls and is the original home of the giant land tortoise.


Find Out About The Climate Of Seychelles

The climate of Seychelles is always hot and humid with tropical rains occuring mostly between January and February. The average annual temperature sits around 29 degrees on the land and 27 degrees in the sea. May through to October are the best monts to visit for dry weather with monsoon season arriving in December up until march.


Geographical Information On Seychelles

Set in the Indian Ocean north east of Madagascar the archipelago of Seychelles has a coastline of 491 kilometres and a total area of 455 square kilometres. You can find Seychelles higest peak on the island of Mahe which is set in the Morne Seychellois National Park and rises to over 905 metres. Seychelles was originally under French possesion until it became a British colony back in 1814. Seychelles is now an independent nation and has been since 1976. Much of the terrain in Seychelles is made out of granite as well as hilly with elevated reefs.


Learn About The Economy In Seychellois

The tourism industy provides a great support to the economy of Seychellois providing of 70 percent of the economy and employing approximately 30 percent of the work force. While the agricultural industry only provides about 4 percent of the economy with the main exports being fish, cinnamon bark. The seychellois aslo exports copra and petroleum products and its main export partners are France, UK, China, Germany and Japan. Much economic aid comes in from many countries with as much as $16.4 million dollars. The official currency of the Seychellois is the Seychelles Rupee.

Apartments in Seychelles

* Anse a La Mouche Apartments* Anse aux Pins Apartments* Anse Boileau Apartments
* Anse Kerlan Apartments* Anse Royale Apartments* Anse Volbert Village Apartments
* Au Cap Apartments* Baie Lazare Mahé Apartments* Baie Sainte Anne Apartments
* Beau Vallon Apartments* Bel Ombre Apartments* Cerf Island Apartments
* Eden Island Apartments* Glacis Apartments* Grand Anse Apartments
* Grand'Anse Apartments* Grandanse Apartments* Grand'Anse Praslin Apartments
* Grandanse Praslin Apartments* La Digue Apartments* Mahe Apartments
* Mahe Sc Apartments* Pointe Au Sel Apartments* Pointe Larue Apartments
* Port Glaud Apartments* Praslin Apartments* Praslin Sc Apartments
* Takamaka Apartments* Victoria Apartments

Attractions, Activities and Tours in Seychelles

* Beau Vallon Attractions* Victoria Attractions

Guesthouses in Seychelles

* Anse a La Mouche Guesthouses* Anse aux Pins Guesthouses* Anse Lazio Guesthouses
* Baie Lazare Mahé Guesthouses* Baie Sainte Anne Guesthouses* Beau Vallon Guesthouses
* Bel Ombre Guesthouses* De Quincey Village Guesthouses* Eden Island Guesthouses
* Grand'Anse Praslin Guesthouses* Grandanse Praslin Guesthouses* La Digue Guesthouses
* Mahe Guesthouses* Mahe Sc Guesthouses* Praslin Guesthouses
* Praslin Sc Guesthouses* Victoria Guesthouses

Hostels in Seychelles

* La Digue Hostels

Hotels in Seychelles

* Anse aux Pins Hotels* Anse Boileau Hotels* Anse Etoile Hotels
* Anse Royale Hotels* Anse Volbert Village Hotels* Au Cap Hotels
* Baie Lazare Mahé Hotels* Baie Sainte Anne Hotels* Beau Vallon Hotels
* Bel Ombre Hotels* Bird Island Hotels* Bird Island Sc Hotels
* Cerf Island Hotels* De Quincey Village Hotels* Denis Island Hotels
* Eden Island Hotels* Felicité Hotels* Fregate Island Hotels
* Fregate Island Sc Hotels* Glacis Hotels* Grand Anse Hotels
* Grand'Anse Hotels* Grandanse Hotels* Grand'Anse Praslin Hotels
* Grandanse Praslin Hotels* La Digue Hotels* Machabee Hotels
* Mahe Hotels* Mahe Sc Hotels* Pointe Au Sel Hotels
* Pointe Larue Hotels* Port Glaud Hotels* Praslin Hotels
* Praslin Sc Hotels* Round Island Hotels* Saint Anne Hotels
* Silhouette Island Hotels* Takamaka Hotels* Victoria Hotels

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