General Information about Senegal

Senegal is located in western Africa and completely surrounds the Gambia except for it's Atlantic Ocean coast line. Senegal is bordered by Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east, Guinea and Guina-Bissau to the south and by the North Atlantic Ocean on the west. Senegal's capital city Dakar is situated on the Cape Verde Peninsula on the Atlantic coast.

Senegal has a population of 12,000,000 whose official languages are French and Wolof. Other ethnic languages commonly spoken are Serer, Diola, Fula, Tukulor and Mandinka. 94% of Senegalese people are Muslims. Dakar is the perfect place to experience urban African life as the city is crowded, lous and xciting. Other major attractions in Senegal are the 6 national parks and 4 reserves, the beaches in Cap Skiring and the island Île de Gorée.


Find Out About The Climate In Senegal

Senegal's climate mainly tropical with hot and humid temperatures accompanied by the seasonal migration of the intertropical convergence zone which is a belt of converging trade winds. Also known as the equatorial convergence zone these trade winds produce heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and high levels of cloudiness. The best months to visit Senegal is between October and June where the weather is cool and dry. The wet season is from November to April although in the southern parts of Senegal these conditions can stick around until October.


Geographical Information On Senegal

Located just 14 degrees from the Equator Senegal 14 degrees west from the Prime Meridian Senegal is a low lying country with a coastline of over 531 kilometres and a total land mass of 196,190 square metres. The country side is generally flat with low rolling plains which rise into foothills mainly in the south east. Its highest peak located near Nepen Diakha in the Fouta Djallon measures of 581 metres and remains unnamed.


Learn About The Economy In Senegal

Much of Senegal's economy comes from the agricultural industry with the main produces being peanuts, millet, corn, rice, cotton, as well as livestock and cattle. Senegal exports mainly to France, India and Cote D'lvoire with fish, petroleum products, phosphates and cottons included. Senegal is a low income earner under the sub-Saharan African region. Senegal receives much economic aid from many countries around the globe and has received over 439 million in the past. The official currency is the Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc.

Apartments in Senegal

* Boukot Ouolof Apartments* Cap Skirring Apartments* Dakar Apartments
* Gorée Apartments* Joal-Fadiout Apartments* Mbour Apartments
* Ngaparou Apartments* Niaga Apartments* Nianing Apartments
* Nianing Region De Thies Apartments* Poponguine Apartments* Saint-Louis Apartments
* Sali Nianiaral Apartments* Saly Portudal Apartments* Sali Portugal Apartments
* Somone Apartments* Yéni Kao Apartments

Attractions, Activities and Tours in Senegal

* Dakar Attractions

Guesthouses in Senegal

* Abémé Guesthouses* Dakar Guesthouses* Nianing Guesthouses
* Nianing Region De Thies Guesthouses* Toubakouta Guesthouses

Hotels in Senegal

* Abémé Hotels* Boukot Ouolof Hotels* Bountou Polé Hotels
* Cap Skirring Hotels* Dakar Hotels* Dara Hotels
* Diakhanor Hotels* Diembéreng Hotels* Diourbel Hotels
* Elinkinde Hotels* Fadial Hotels* Fatick Hotels
* Fimela Hotels* Gorée Hotels* Guéréo Hotels
* Hann Hotels* Joal-Fadiout Hotels* Kabrousse Hotels
* Kafountine Hotels* Kédougou Hotels* Lompoul Hotels
* Louga Hotels* Mbelane Hotels* Mbèss Hotels
* Mbodiène Hotels* Mboulèm Hotels* Mbour Hotels
* Ndangane Hotels* Ndiébène Hotels* Ndiongo Hotels
* Ngalou Sessène Hotels* Ngaparou Hotels* Niaga Hotels
* Nianing Hotels* Nianing Region De Thies Hotels* Nioro du Rip Hotels
* Ouoran Hotels* Oussouye Hotels* Palmarin Hotels
* Podor Hotels* Ponto Hotels* Poponguine Hotels
* Rufisque Hotels* Saint-Louis Hotels* Sali Nianiaral Hotels
* Saly Portudal Hotels* Sali Portugal Hotels* Saloum Delta Hotels
* Simal Hotels* Sindia Hotels* Sokone Hotels
* Somone Hotels* Tabayel Hotels* Toubab Dialaw Hotels
* Toubakouta Hotels* Vélingara Hotels* Yembakana Hotels
* Yof Hotels* Ziguinchor Hotels

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