Saint Helena

General Information about Saint Helena

Ideally located within the South Atlantic Ocean, the island of Saint Helena is thought to be one of the world's most remote islands. Saint Helena can be found between Africa and South America and is fact a British overseas teritory. The island group of Saint Helena is one of Britain's oldest colony's.

Even though Saint Helena is a British overseas colony the island was originally discovered by the Portuguese back in 1502. The British then claimed the island in 1644 and is well known as being the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte who also died here.

The islands of Tristan da Cunha and Ascension Island are apart of the island group. Tristan da Cunha is in fact the largest of the three at 201 square kilometres with a coast line of 40 kilometres followed by Saint Helena at 122 square kilometres and a coastline of 60 kilometres. Ascensiion Island is the smallest at just 90 square kilometres.

There are two main towns on the island of Georgetown and Jamestown which is the capital. Jamestown is located on the island of Saint Helena while Georgetown can be found on Ascensiion. The total population of the combined sland group is approximately 7,600 residents.


Find Out About the Climate of Saint Helena

Saint Helena enjoys tropical marine weather conditions with temperatures averaging a pleasant thirty-one degrees with lows of twenty to twenty-six degrees. The weather conditions of Saint Helena are cooled by the south east trade winds. The average rainfall of Jamestown is approximately 152 milimetres whereas this can vary as you go further inland. Conditions on Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha are very similar to Saint Helena with Ascension Island experiencing more semi-arid conditions.


Geographical Information on Saint Helena

The terrain of the remote island group to Saint Helena vary's from each island. The island of Saint Helena is of volcanic origin and as a result of this the terrain is particularly mountainous with a amazing forest within the centre of the island. Because of Saint Helena volcanic origin there are several islets and rock formations to be seen.

There are as many as twenty-two known rocks and islets surrounding Saint Helena such as Castle Rock, Bird Island, George Island, Long Ledge, and Lady's Chair. On the island of Ascension there are as many as forty-four dormant volcanoes whereas along the coastline of Tristan da Cunha you will notice some spectacular cliffs.

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