General Information about Réunion

Reunion is a small French island in the Indian Ocean near the African island country Madagascar. Reunion has a population of around 800,000 people, with about 160,000 living in Reunion's capital city Saint-Denis. Réunion Creole is the most spoken language in Reuinion and is stems from the French language. The most popular religions in Reunion are Roman Catholic and Islam.

The most popular things to do in Reunion involve the beautiful mountains and cirques, large volcanic valleys which offer wonderful nature and waterfalls. Saint-Denis is a miniature like a miniature Paris on the island of Reunion. It has many wonderful restaurants and cafes and is a great way to get acquanited with Reunion.


Find Out About The Climate In The Reunion

The climate in the Reunion is mainly tropical with hot and humid weather. The wet season begins in April and lasts up until October. Average coastal temperatures throughout the year are around 31 degrees. The Reunion only has two main seasons of summer and winter with May through to November being the best months to visit for dry weather. If you are visiting from November to April remember that it is cyclone season although the island is rarely affected.


Geographical Information On The Reunion

Set in Southern Africia the Reunion measures over 2,510 square kilometres with a coastline of only 201 kilometres. The Reunion originated from volcanic history which has resulted in the Reunion's terrain being filled with rugged mountains and short torrential rivers. The Reunion's highest peak of Piton des Neiges also referred to as Snow Peak measures over 3,069 metres and is located on the volcanic islands in the Mascarene Archipelago.


Learn About The Economy In The Reunion

The economy of the Reunion largely revolves around the agricultural industry with sugarcane being its chief produce, employing over 30 percent of the population. The tourism industry has also been highly developed over the years and now is the Reunions second largest industry in the country. The Reunion exports over 63 percent of sugar followed by rum and molasses, as well as small quantities of perfume essences and lobster. The offical currency of the Reunion is French Franc.

Apartments in Reunion

* Boucan Canot Apartments* Cafrine Apartments* Cilaos Apartments
* Entre-Deux Apartments* Étang-Salé Apartments* Étang-Salé les Bains Apartments
* Grand Fond Apartments* Grand Fond Re Apartments* La Saline Le Bains Apartments
* La Saline Les Bas Apartments* Le Bois de Nèfles Apartments* Le Brûlé Apartments
* Le Tampon Apartments* Les Avirons Apartments* Mahavel Apartments
* Manapany-les Bains Apartments* Petite Île Apartments* Rivière Apartments
* Saint-Denis Apartments* Saint-Gilles-les Bains Apartments* Saint-Joseph Apartments
* Saint-Leu Apartments* Saint-Louis Apartments* Saint-Paul Apartments
* Saint-Pierre Apartments* Sainte-Marie Apartments* Sainte-Suzanne Apartments

Guesthouses in Reunion

* Sainte-Marie Guesthouses

Hotels in Reunion

* A. Dubuisson Hotels* A Dubuisson Hotels* Basse Vallée Hotels
* Bellevue Hotels* Bois dʼOlive Hotels* Bois Dolive Hotels
* Boucan Canot Hotels* Bras-Panon Hotels* Carosse Hotels
* Cilaos Hotels* Entre-Deux Hotels* Étang-Salé Hotels
* Étang-Salé les Bains Hotels* Fleurimont Hotels* Grand Fond Hotels
* Grand Fond Re Hotels* Grand Îlet Hotels* Grande Anse Hotels
* Grands Bois Hotels* La Chatoire Hotels* La Plaine des Cafres Hotels
* La Plaine des Palmistes Hotels* La Possession Hotels* La Saline Le Bains Hotels
* La Saline Les Bas Hotels* Le Bois de Nèfles Hotels* Le Dix-Septième Hotels
* Le Portail Hotels* Le Tampon Hotels* Les Avirons Hotels
* Les Quatre-Cents Hotels* Maison Rouge Hotels* Makes Hotels
* Manapany-les Bains Hotels* Matouta Hotels* Mon Caprice Hotels
* Petite Île Hotels* Ravine Sèche Hotels* Rivière Hotels
* Saint-André Hotels* Saint-Benoît Hotels* Saint-Denis Hotels
* Saint-Gilles-les Bains Hotels* Saint-Joseph Hotels* Saint-Leu Hotels
* Saint-Louis Hotels* Saint-Paul Hotels* Saint-Philippe Hotels
* Saint-Pierre Hotels* Sainte-Anne-les Hauts Hotels* Sainte-Clotilde Hotels
* Sainte-Marie Hotels* Sainte-Rose Hotels* Sainte-Suzanne Hotels
* Sainte-Thérèse Hotels* Salazie Hotels* Trois Bassins Hotels
* Vincendo Hotels

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