General Information about Namibia

Namibia is found in Africa bordered by Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east, South Africa to the south and southeast and the South Atlantic Ocean to the west. Namibia has a population of just over 2,000,000 people who speak a variety of languages such as English, Afrikaans and German. Afrrikaans is the most commonly spoken of the three. Around 80-90% of Namibian's follow Christian beliefs with over 50% of those being Lutherans.

Namibia's capital city Windhoek is situated half way between the South Atlantic Ocean coast line and the Kalahari Desert which stretches east into Botswana. Namibia boasts one of the best national parks in the world, the Etosha National Park where you have the greatest chance of seeing many of Africa's wonderful wildlife. This is the third largest national park in Africa. There are also many safaris running throughtout the year in Namibia, the best time to go on one is between May and October when it is a little cooler.


Find Out About The Climate In Namibia

Namibia experiences semi-desert like weather conditions with hot days and cool nights. The sun usually shines for 300 days each year which makes it a great place to visit. Summers are warm with averages of 34 degrees although it can reach up to 40 degrees. Winter is a great time to visit for mild weather with daily averages of 18 degrees, although in the evenings it can be as cold as 0 degrees. January and February are the hottest months with temperature rising above 40 degrees. Most of the rainfall in Namibia occurs during the summer months.


Geographical Information On Namibia

Found in Southern Africa Namibia has a coastline of over 1,572 kilometres and a total area of 825,418 square kilometres. Along the coast of Namibia is the Namib Desert and stretches for over 1,600 kilometres going so far that it extends into Angola. The Namib Desert is thought to be one of the oldest deserts in the world after the Atacama Desert which can be found in South Africa. Namibia's highest peak is the Konigstein which measures up 2,606 metres and runs from north to south and is bordered by the Namib Desert.


Learn About The Economy In Namibia

Namibia has a very strong economy so much so that it ranks in at fourth place out 40 countries in the sub-Saharan Africa region in 2007 and is 63.8 percent free. Namibia has a low agricultural industry with only about 10 percent contributing to the economy. On the other hand Namibia is rich in natural minerals and is the fourth-largest exporter of nonfuel minerals in Africa. Other natural minerals found in Namibia are zinc, tin, silver, gem-quality diamonds and large quantities of lead. Namibia also is fortunate enough to be the world's fifth largest producer of uranium. Namibia's main export partners are the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain and Japan. The official currency of Namibia is the Namibian Dollar.

Apartments in Namibia

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* Okaukuejo Apartments* Omupumba Apartments* Otjiwarongo Apartments
* Rand Rifles Apartments* Swakopmund Apartments* Walvis Bay Apartments
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Attractions, Activities and Tours in Namibia

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Guesthouses in Namibia

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* Dusternbrook Guesthouses* Duwisib Guesthouses* Gobabis Guesthouses
* Grootfontein Guesthouses* Grünau Guesthouses* Hentiesbaai Guesthouses
* Kamanjab Guesthouses* Karasburg Guesthouses* Keetmanshoop Guesthouses
* Koës Guesthouses* Lüderitz Guesthouses* Malabar Guesthouses
* Maltahöhe Guesthouses* Naukluft Mountains Guesthouses* Ncamakora Guesthouses
* Okahandja Guesthouses* Olifa Guesthouses* Omaruru Guesthouses
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* Outjo Guesthouses* Ruacana Guesthouses* Rundu Guesthouses
* Stampriet Guesthouses* Swakopmund Guesthouses* Tsumeb Guesthouses
* Voigtland Guesthouses* Walvis Bay Guesthouses* Waterberg Guesthouses
* Windhoek Guesthouses

Hostels in Namibia

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Hotels in Namibia

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* Bulskop Hotels* Cha-re Hotels* Chausib Hotels
* Constantia Hotels* Damaraland Hotels* Döbra Hotels
* Douglas Hotels* Ehomba Hotels* Epupa Hotels
* Gobabis Hotels* Gochas Hotels* Grootfontein Hotels
* Grünau Hotels* Hardap Hotels* Hentiesbaai Hotels
* Hoachanas Hotels* Kalkbron Hotels* Kalkfeld Hotels
* Kamanjab Hotels* Kanebis Hotels* Karasburg Hotels
* Karibib Hotels* Katima Mulilo Hotels* Khomas Region Hotels
* Khorixas Hotels* Khorusepa Hotels* Koës Hotels
* Kongola Hotels* Konob Pos Hotels* Langstrand Hotels
* Lionga Hotels* Lüderitz Hotels* Mahango Hotels
* Maltahöhe Hotels* Mamono Hotels* Mariental Hotels
* Meersig Hotels* Mopane Pos Hotels* Namutoni Hotels
* Ndiyona Hotels* Noordoewer Hotels* Okahandja Hotels
* Okaholo Hotels* Okanjanga Hotels* Okaukuejo Hotels
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* Ondangwa Hotels* Ondekaremba Hotels* Ongwediva Hotels
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* Otjiwarongo Hotels* Otjovasandu Hotels* Outjo Hotels
* Ozongaka Hotels* Prospect Hotels* Purros Hotels
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* Rundu Hotels* Sangwali Hotels* Seeheim Hotels
* Sesriem Hotels* Shimweghe Hotels* Simplon Hotels
* Solitaire Hotels* Stampriet Hotels* Stamprivier Hotels
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