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The Middle East contains 17 states or autonomous regions, although some commentators do also include a number of North African and East European countries. The region has more than 400 million people living in mostly semi-arid and arid areas. While most of the region is low lying, there is vast mountainous area in the Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran and Yemen.

Middle East is sometimes called Far East and is a term traditionally applied to the countries of South West Asia and North East Africa lying West of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Thus defined it includes the Arabian Peninsula (incorporating Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and United Arab Emirates) as well as Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

The Far East is sometimes used in a cultural sense to mean the group of lands in that part of the world predominantly Islamic in culture, thus including the remaining states of North Africa as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times, and throughout its history the Middle East has been a major center of world affairs. The Middle East is also the geographic origin of three of the world's major religions - Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

The Middle East has a rich history, with evidence of farming activity carried out around 10000 BC. It has had many different cultures and civilizations throughout history, with invasions from Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans who all have influenced the architecture, cultures of the countries that make up the Region. Many countries located around the Persian Gulf have large quantities of crude oil.

The Middle East generally has an arid and hot climate with several rivers providing for irrigation to support agriculture in limited areas.

In modern times, the Middle East remains a strategically, economically, politically, culturally and religiously sensitive region.

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Bahrain is a Middle Eastern island country located in the Gulf of Persia, east of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain consists of 33 islands and the two main islands, Bahrain and Al Muharraq are connected by a causeway. . . . more about Bahrain

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Iran, also known as Persia, is located in the Middle East and is bordered by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Tukey, the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. Iran is one of the world's oldest major civil . . . more about Iran

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Iraq, formerly known as Mesopotamia, is located in the Middle East and is bordered by Iran, the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. Iraq contains parts of the Zagros mountain range, Syrian Desert and the Arabian Desert. . . . more about Iraq

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Israel, considered by many as 'The Holy Land' is located in the Middle East and borders Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Mediterranean Sea. Israel includes the West Bank and the Gaza Strip which are administrated in part by t . . . more about Israel

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Jordan is a small country located in the Middle East and is almost completely landlocked, except for it's tiny border with the Gulf Of Aqaba. Jordan is also bordered by Syria, Iraq, Israel, The West Bank and Saudi Arabia. . . . more about Jordan

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Kuwait is located in the Middle East at the head of the Persian Gulf and is bordered by Iraq to the north and west and Saudi Arabia to the south. The name Kuwait comes from the Arabic meaning of 'fortress built near water'. . . . more about Kuwait

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Lebanon is small mountainous country located in the Middle East and is bordered by Syria, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon has a population of over 4 million people. . . . more about Lebanon

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Oman is located in the Middle East on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula and is bordered by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The United Arab Emirates contains the Omanian exclave Madha an . . . more about Oman

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Qatar is a peninsula located in the Middle East and is comepletely surrounded by the Gulf of Persia except for it's southern border with Saudi Arabia. Qatar has a population of over 840,000 people. . . . more about Qatar

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula and is located in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is bordered by Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait on the north, the Persian Gulf on the northeast, Qatar and the United Arab Emerates on the east, Oman . . . more about Saudi Arabia

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Syria is located in the Middle East and is bordered by Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, Israeli to the southwest and Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Syria has a population of over 20 milllion people. . . . more about Syria

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country consisting of the seven states, or emirates, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. The United Arab Emirates also contains Madha, an exclave of Oman, and located on the Ara . . . more about United Arab Emirates

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Yemen, the only republic on the Arabic Peninsula, is located in the Middle East and includes the mainland country as well as some 200 islands. The largest Yemen island is Socotra which is south of Yemen, off the northeast coast of Somalia. . . . more about Yemen

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