General Information about Mayotte

Mayotte is a small island country off southern Africa that lies in the Mozambique channel half way between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique. Geographically, Mayotte is part of the Comoros islands but have been politically separate since the 1970's.

Mayotte's climate is hot and humid in the wet season (November to May) and a little cooler in the dry season (May to November). Mayotte has a population of around 208,783 people. 35% speak the countrys official langague French but the most commonly spoken language is Mahorian, a dialect of Swahili. Most Mahoran people are Muslim.

Mayotte consists of three main islands: Grande Terre, Pamandzi (or Petit Terre) and Dzaoudzi. Grande Terre, which has the nation's capital city Mamoudzou is the largest of the three islands. The two smaller highways are connected by a highway.


Find Out About The Climate In Mayotte

The climate of Mayotte is typically maritime tropical with two main seasons. The dry season is from May until October followed by November which sees more humid and warm weather. Average temperatures in November sit around 33 degrees as well as monsoon type weather conditions, known as kashkazi. Most of the rainfall is in January with as much as 15 inches falling, with cyclone's being more common.


Geographical Information On Mayotte

Set in the Mozambique Channel, Mayotte has a coastline of 185.2 kilometres and a total land area of 375 square metres. Mozambique is an archipelago which includes the Big Comoros, Anjouan and Moheli. Mayotte's highest point is the Benara which is over 660 metres set while the lowest point is the Indian Ocean. Much of the terrain in Mayotte is deep ravines and ancient volcanic peaks. Mayotte is still today linked to France and in 1974 chose to forego independence.


Learn About The Economy In Mayotte

Much of Mayotte's economy comes from the agricultural industry, with fishing with a newly created lobster and prawn industry as well as livestock raising which are amongst he main produces. Other popular exports are ylang-ylang which is one of the main ingredients in Chanel No. 5, valilla, copra, coconuts, coffee and cinnamon. Mayotte exports mainly to France as well as the Comoros. The official currency is the Frence Franc.

Hotels in Mayotte

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