General Information about Mauritius

Although Mauritius is an African country situated off southern Africa in the Indian Ocean, it is heavily influenced by its French and British ties and Indian workers. There are around 1,250,000 people living in Mauritius and the official language of the country is English, though only 1% of the population speak it, instead opting to use Creole or Bhojpuri. There are a mix of religions followed in Mauritius such as Hindu, Roman Catholic and Muslim.

Mauritus has a tropical warm climate year round so anytime is great for visiting this island country. The capital city Port Louis has the famous Central Market and is a great place to get the experience of life in Mauritius. The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens are also another major tourist attraction in Mauritus.


Find Out About The Climate In Mauritius

Mauritius experiences weather that is perfect for holidays which can be described as hot and tropical. The summer months last from November through to April with averages of 32 degrees with occasional heavy tropical rains. The winter months are mild with highs of 26 and lows of 20 degrees. Visiting during January and April should be taken with care as this is cyclone season as well as strong storms. During winter along the east coast the weather can be rather cool with light rains.


Geographical Information On Mauritius

Set in the south west Indian Ocean Mauritius is a small island measuring 1,860 square metres with a coastline of 177 kilometres. Mauritius is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and also includes Agalega Islands, Rodrigues and Cargados Carajos Shoals which is also known as Saint Brandon. The highest mountain in Mauritius is Piton de la Riviere Noire which rises to 828 metres. Closely followed is Pieter Both at 823 metres and Le Pouce at 812 metres.


Learn About The Economy In Mauritius

The economy of Mauritius is very strong with most of its economy coming from the service sector such as the tourism industry. Since its independence from the British colony back in 1968 Mauritius's agricultural industry has suffered and only contributes about 8 percent of the economy. Some of the main produces are sugarcane, tea, corn, potatoes, as well as cattle and fish. Clothing and textiles contributes over 55 percent of their exports with sugar following on 24 percent. The official currency is the Mauritian Ruppe. The economy of Mauritius is strong and they do not receive any financial aid.

Apartments in Mauritius

* Albion Apartments* Baie du Tombeau Apartments* Bain Boeuf Apartments
* Balaclava Apartments* Beau Champ Apartments* Bel Ombre Apartments
* Belle Mare Apartments* Blue Bay Apartments* Calodyne Apartments
* Cap Malheureux Apartments* Chamarel Apartments* Chemin Grenier Apartments
* Coromandel Apartments* Curepipe Apartments* Flic-en-Flac Apartments
* Flic En Flacq Apartments* Grand Bay Apartments* Grande Baie Apartments
* Grande Gaube Apartments* La Gaulette Apartments* Le Morne Apartments
* Mahébourg Apartments* Mont Choisy Apartments* Nouvelle Découverte Apartments
* Palmar Apartments* Pereybere Apartments* Petit Brûlé Apartments
* Pointe aux Cannoniers Apartments* Pointe aux Piments Apartments* Pointe aux Sable Apartments
* Pointe d'Esny Apartments* Pointe Desny Apartments* Port Louis Apartments
* Port Mathurin Apartments* Port Maturin Apartments* Poste Lafayette Apartments
* Quatre Bornes Apartments* Riambel Apartments* Rivière du Rempart Apartments
* Rivière Noire Apartments* Roches Noires Apartments* Roche Noire Apartments
* Rose Hill Apartments* Surinam Apartments* Tamarin Apartments
* Trou aux Biches Apartments* Trou dʼ Eau Douce Apartments* Trou D Eau Douce Apartments

Attractions, Activities and Tours in Mauritius

* Black River Attractions* Blue Bay Attractions* Bois Cheri Attractions
* Central Flacq Attractions* Chamouny Attractions* Curepipe Attractions
* Grand Baie Attractions* Grand River South East Attractions* Mahebourg Attractions
* Pamplemousses Attractions* Pointe aux Biches Attractions* Port Louis Attractions
* Rivière du Rempart Attractions* Sebastopol Attractions* Tamarin Attractions
* Trou-aux-Biches Attractions

Guesthouses in Mauritius

* Baie du Tombeau Guesthouses* Belle Mare Guesthouses* Blue Bay Guesthouses
* Curepipe Guesthouses* Flic-en-Flac Guesthouses* Flic En Flacq Guesthouses
* Grand Bay Guesthouses* Grande Baie Guesthouses* Henrietta Guesthouses
* La Ferme Guesthouses* La Gaulette Guesthouses* Le Morne Guesthouses
* Mahébourg Guesthouses* Moka Guesthouses* Nouvelle Découverte Guesthouses
* Pereybere Guesthouses* Petit Gabriel Guesthouses* Pointe d'Esny Guesthouses
* Pointe Desny Guesthouses* Port Mathurin Guesthouses* Port South East Guesthouses
* Poste Lafayette Guesthouses* Quatre Bornes Guesthouses* Souillac Guesthouses
* Tamarin Guesthouses* Trou aux Biches Guesthouses

Hotels in Mauritius

* Albion Hotels* Baie du Tombeau Hotels* Bain Boeuf Hotels
* Balaclava Hotels* Beau Bassin Hotels* Beau Site Hotels
* Bel Ombre Hotels* Belle Mare Hotels* Blue Bay Hotels
* Bois Chéri Hotels* Bouchon Hotels* Calodyne Hotels
* Cap Malheureux Hotels* Cascavelle Hotels* Chamarel Hotels
* Choisy Hotels* Coromandel Hotels* D'Epinay Hotels
* Depinay Hotels* Eau Vanée Hotels* Ebene Hotels
* Flic-en-Flac Hotels* Flic En Flacq Hotels* Floréal Hotels
* Grand Bay Hotels* Grande Baie Hotels* Grande Gaube Hotels
* Grande Rivière Sud Est Hotels* Henrietta Hotels* La Ferme Hotels
* La Gaulette Hotels* Le Morne Hotels* Long Mountain Hotels
* LʼUnion Hotels* Lunion Hotels* Mahébourg Hotels
* Mare dʼAlbert Hotels* Mare Dalbert Hotels* Moka Hotels
* Mont Choisy Hotels* Nouvelle Découverte Hotels* Palmar Hotels
* Pereybere Hotels* Petit Brûlé Hotels* Petite Case Noyale Hotels
* Plaine Magnien Hotels* Pointe aux Cannoniers Hotels* Pointe aux Piments Hotels
* Pointe aux Sable Hotels* Pointe d'Esny Hotels* Pointe Desny Hotels
* Port Louis Hotels* Port Mathurin Hotels* Port Maturin Hotels
* Port South East Hotels* Poste de Flacq Hotels* Poste Lafayette Hotels
* Quatre Bornes Hotels* Riambel Hotels* Rivière Noire Hotels
* Roches Noires Hotels* Roche Noire Hotels* Rose Hill Hotels
* Saint Francois Hotels* Saint Gabriel Hotels* Souillac Hotels
* Tamarin Hotels* Tambe Hotels* Trèfles Hotels
* Trio Hotels* Trou aux Biches Hotels* Trou dʼ Eau Douce Hotels
* Trou D Eau Douce Hotels* Union Vale Hotels

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