General Information about Malawi

Malawi is an African country landlocked by Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia with the Great Rift Valley running through the country from north to south. Here lies the tenth largest lake in the world, the Lake Malawi (also known as Lake Nyasa) which covers around 20% of Malawi's total area. Malawi's capital city Lilongwe is home to 400,000 of the countrys 11,600,000 population.

The Malawian people speak English and Chichewa and are mainly of Christian or Muslim religions. There are two main places of interest in Lilongwe: The City Centre which is very modern with offices and malls and Old Town with markets, restaurants, cafes and places to stay. Another place of interest is Blantyre, Malawi's largest city which is the main commercial and industrial centre of the country.


Find Out About The Climate In Malawi

The climate in Malawi varies throughout the year from a wet to a dry season. May through to October are the best months to visit to avoid the rain, as November through to April sees the beginning of the wet season. Rainfall however is at its highest in the mountainous regions. July is the coolest month to visit with averages between 7 and 23 degrees, whereas November is the hottest month with highs of 29 degrees.


Geographical Information On Malawi

Much of Malawi's countryside is mountainous with rolling plains and rounded hills with over 25 percent of the land being arable. Also found in Malawi is the Great Rift Valley located near Lake Malawi which is Africa's third largest lake. The Great Rift Valley extends for over 4,830 kilometres from Syria to central Mozambique. In the northern parts the Nyika Uplands measures as high as 2,600 metres while in the south the highest point only rises up to 90 metres.


Learn About The Economy Of Malawi

The agricultural industry provides a large portion of the economy in Malawi offering over 45 percent. Although recent droughts and financial instability has put a stain on this industry. Despite this fact over 86 of the countries population is employed with the main produces being tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, tea, corn, as well as cattle and goats. The official currency of Malawi is the Malawian Kwachas. Malawi is now 55.5 percent financially free and ranks in at number 17 out 40 in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

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Guesthouses in Malawi

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