General Information about Liberia

Liberia is slowly recovering from many years of intense civil wars and is regarded by some as a dangerous place to visit. Liberia is located on the west African coast bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Guinea with it's capital city Monrovia situated on the coastline. The Liberian population is around 3,195,935 people who speak English as their primary language. Around 50% of the population follow Christian beliefs.

Because of the civil wars in Liberia, Monrovia has suffered greatly. There are many damaged and destroyed buildings as you would expect to find in a war zone. However, there are many beaches to the south and north of Monrovia that have remained beautiful such as Silver Beach, Thinkers Beach and St. Martin's Beach.


Find Out About The Climate At Liberia

Liberia's climate is mainly tropical and humid with consistant temperatures throughout the year. November to April are the best months to visit with the least amount of rain while May to October brings the rainy season. The average temperature throughout the year is 27 degrees with a maximum of 36 degrees. December is not the best month to visit where its common to experience dust and dry winds called harmattan which flows in from the Sahara.


Geographical Information On Liberia

Set along the North Atlantic Ocean Liberia has a coastline of 579 metres and a total area of 111,370 square metres. Only about 4 percent of Liberia's land is arable and the coastline is characterized by lagoons, mangrove swamps, and river deposited sandbars. The rest of the countryside is mainly made up of dense tropicl forests. Liberia's highest peak is Mount Wuteve which measures up to 1,380 metres.


Learn About The Economy At Liberia

Since the civil war in 1990 much of Liberia's economy was destroyed with many businesses fleeing the country with only a few returning in 1997. The Liberian government is the largest employer and operates many public operations. The agricultural industry provides 30 percent of the economy which employs over 70 percent of the workforce and also employs more women than men. The main agricultural produces are rubber, coffee, cocoa, rice. Liberia also has many natural resources including diamonds, iron ore, as well as timber. The official currency is the Liberian dollar.

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