General Information about Ghana

Ghana is located in west Africa between Togo and Cote d'Ivoire and below Burkina Faso. It's capital city Accera lies on the coast line of the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana has a population of 22,931,299 people who mainly speak English and follow Christian beliefs. The climate in Ghana is relatively hot with temperatures averaging between 20°C and 26°C apart from Accra which reaches 30° C in some months.

Ghana has the Mole National Park where you have the opportunity to get up close to 90 different species including elephants, warthogs, baboons and antelopes. Accera is another experience all together. With interesting markets and places to eat nearby there is something for everyone.


Find Out About The Climate At Ghana

Located to the north of the equator Ghana experiences a tropical climate with two main seasons. November through to March brings the dry season along with hot days and cool nights. Visiting in August and September should be avoided unless you equiped with an umbrella, with the rain season in full swing. The average temperature throughout the year sits around 26 degrees and a low of 20 degrees.


Geographical Information On Ghana

Ghana can be located just a few degrees north of the equator with a coastline of 539 kilometres and a total area of 238,540 square kilometres and is almost the same size as the UK. Its highest mountain is Mount Afadjato in the Akwapin-Togo Ranges and measures up to 880 metres. Ghana is also the home to the world's largest artificial lake Lake Volta.


Learn About The Economy Of Ghana

Over 40 percent of Ghana's economy come from the agricultural industry with the main exports being cocoa, rice, coffee, tapioca, peanuts, corn shea nuts and bananas. Ghana is rich in natural resources including gold, timber, diamonds, and manganese ore. Out of the 40 sub-Saharan Africa regions Ghana ranked in at number 11 and is now 58.1 percent free. Its official currency is the New Cedi.

Apartments in Ghana

* Ablekuma Apartments* Accra Apartments* Apenkwa Apartments
* Apenkwa Gh Apartments* Baatsona Apartments* Bortianor Apartments
* Burma Camp Apartments* Cape Coast Apartments* Danfa Apartments
* East Legon Apartments* Elmina Apartments* Kumasi Apartments
* Kwabenya Apartments* Kwedonu Apartments* Legon Apartments
* Madina Apartments* Obosomasi Apartments* Oshiyie Apartments
* Prampram Apartments* Sakumona Apartments* Sogakofe Apartments
* Spintex Apartments* Takoradi Apartments* Tema Apartments
* Teshi Apartments

Attractions, Activities and Tours in Ghana

* Accra Attractions* Cape Coast Attractions* Kumasi Attractions
* Tamale Attractions

Guesthouses in Ghana

* Abokobi Guesthouses* Accra Guesthouses* Ada Guesthouses
* Akropong Guesthouses* Anomabu Guesthouses* Anwumaso Guesthouses
* Ashaiman Guesthouses* Ashonman Guesthouses* Bawaleshi Guesthouses
* Bortianor Guesthouses* Cape Coast Guesthouses* Damba Guesthouses
* Danfa Guesthouses* Dansoman Guesthouses* East Legon Guesthouses
* Efiduase Guesthouses* Ejisu Guesthouses* Elmina Guesthouses
* Golokuati Guesthouses* Hohoe Guesthouses* Joma Guesthouses
* Kasoa Guesthouses* Katamanso Guesthouses* Koforidua Guesthouses
* Kokrobite Guesthouses* Kumasi Guesthouses* Kwabeng Guesthouses
* Kwabenya Guesthouses* Kwashieman Guesthouses* Lapaz Guesthouses
* Madina Guesthouses* Midie Guesthouses* Mpata Guesthouses
* Mpeasem Guesthouses* North Legon Guesthouses* Obo Guesthouses
* Ochirikrom Guesthouses* Ofinso Guesthouses* Oshiyie Guesthouses
* Oyibi Guesthouses* Prampram Guesthouses* Sakaman Guesthouses
* Senchi Guesthouses* Spintex Guesthouses* Takoradi Guesthouses
* Tamale Guesthouses* Tantra Hill Guesthouses* Tema Guesthouses
* Wa Guesthouses* Winneba Guesthouses* Yaohiamankrom Guesthouses

Hostels in Ghana

* Accra Hostels* Akweteman Hostels* Baatsona Hostels
* Kwashieman Hostels

Hotels in Ghana

* Ablekuma Hotels* Abonu Hotels* Abuakwa Hotels
* Aburi Hotels* Accra Hotels* Achimota Hotels
* Ada Hotels* Adentan Hotels* Aflao Hotels
* Agona Hotels* Ahinbuboi Hotels* Ajiringano Hotels
* Ajumako Hotels* Akosombo Hotels* Akrofrom Hotels
* Akropong Hotels* Akuse Hotels* Akwida Hotels
* Amasaman Hotels* Ampeni Hotels* Anaji Hotels
* Anloga Hotels* Anomabu Hotels* Anumle Hotels
* Anwumaso Hotels* Apam Hotels* Aplaku Hotels
* Ashaiman Hotels* Ashalebotwe Hotels* Atafram Hotels
* Aveji Hotels* Avenaw Hotels* Axim Hotels
* Baatsona Hotels* Bawaleshi Hotels* Bekwai Hotels
* Biakpa Hotels* Biriwa Hotels* Bogoso Hotels
* Bolgatanga Hotels* Boni Hotels* Bortianor Hotels
* Bowena Hotels* Bresua Hotels* Bruburam Hotels
* Buadosi Hotels* Busua Hotels* Butre Hotels
* Cape Coast Hotels* Chirimfaso Hotels* Damongo Hotels
* Danfa Hotels* Dansoman Hotels* Dodowa Hotels
* Dome Hotels* Dom Hotels* Dzodze Hotels
* East Legon Hotels* Ejisu Hotels* Elmina Hotels
* Esiama Hotels* Fete Hotels* Feyiasi Hotels
* Dzorwulu Hotels* Greenhill Hotels* Haatso Hotels
* Ho Hotels* Hohoe Hotels* Jinyasi Hotels
* Joma Hotels* Juapong Hotels* Kakumdu Hotels
* Kantinkronu Hotels* Kasoa Hotels* Keta Hotels
* Kledjo Hotels* Koforidua Hotels* Kokrobite Hotels
* Konongo Hotels* Kumasi Hotels* Kwabenya Hotels
* Kwashieman Hotels* Kwedonu Hotels* Lapaz Hotels
* Madina Hotels* Mamfe Hotels* Mampong Ashanti Hotels
* Mampong Gh Hotels* Mefe Hotels* Mouri Hotels
* Mpuase Hotels* New Ningo Hotels* Nima Hotels
* Nkawkaw Hotels* Nkwanta Hotels* North Legon Hotels
* Nsawam Hotels* Nungua Hotels* Nyanyanu Hotels
* Obo Hotels* Obomen Hotels* Obuasi Hotels
* Odumase Hotels* Ofinso Hotels* Okponglo Hotels
* Old Nigo Hotels* Old Tafo Hotels* Otinshi Hotels
* Oyibi Hotels* Pantang Hotels* Papao Hotels
* Pedu Hotels* Peduasi Hotels* Pokuase Hotels
* Prampram Hotels* Ridge Hotels* Sakumona Hotels
* Saltpond Hotels* Shama Hotels* Sogakofe Hotels
* Spintex Hotels* Sunyani Hotels* Takoradi Hotels
* Tamale Hotels* Tantra Hill Hotels* Tarkwa Hotels
* Techiman Hotels* Tema Hotels* Teshi Hotels
* Trede Hotels* Wa Hotels* Weija Hotels
* Wenchi Hotels* Wiawso Hotels* Winneba Hotels
* Wli Afegame Hotels* Wusuta Dzigbe Hotels

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