General Information about Gambia

Gambia, who's primary language is English, is one of Africa's smallest countries and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean but otherwise surrounded by Senegal. 90% of the 1,688,359 population are Muslim and 9% are Christian so holidays of both religions are celebrated regularly.

Benjul, the capital city of Gambia is located on an island just at the mouth of the Gambia River.
This city gives the experience of an old African city and has the popular Albert Market.
Fajara is a string of Atlantic coast resorts and is much more lively than Bunjul, with bars, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.


Find Out About The Climate At Gambia

Set between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator Gambia's experiences a tropical climate with two main seasons. June to October brings the wet season while November to April are the best months to visit for dry weather. The yearly average sits around 35 degrees and high humidity levels from July to October with June being the hottest month to visit.


Geographical Information On Gambia

Gambia can be located in the western Africa and has a total landmass of 11,300 square kilometres and a coastline of only 80 kilometres. One of Gambia's main features is the Gambia River which flows through the country for 322 kilometres until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. Its highest point remains unnamed and measures only 53 metres.


Learn About The Economy In Gambia

Approximately 75 percent of the Gambia's population is employed in the agricutural industry with peanuts being amongst the highest exports as well as fish, cotton lint, and palm kernels. Gambia is poor in natural resources and is one of the world's poorest nations and is supported mainly by foreign aid. However its rating within the sub-Saharan Africa region now sits at 13 out of 40 and is 57.6 percent financialy free.

Apartments in Gambia

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Attractions, Activities and Tours in Gambia

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