General Information about Egypt

With The Sphinx, the Nile, and the pyramids, Egypt, located in north-east Africa is one of the most interesting country's to visit. With a population of 80,000,000 people Egypt is 1,001,449 sqaure kilometers in area, 94% of which is barren desert. Egypt is boredered by Libya, Sudan, Israel, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

With 90% of Egypt's population being Muslim, there are many Islamic holidays and events during the year. These will not affect traveling plans but will add to the beauty of Egypt with the colourful celebrations and parades which take place.

Egypt is home of the last remaining Wonder of the World - The pyramids of Giza and the magnificent Sphinx which are located not far from the country's capital city Cairo and are the planets oldest tourist attractions.


Find Out About The Climate In Egypt

Egypt has two main seasons throughout the year with winter starting in November ending in April, May through to October brings the summer months. Apart from the Nile and the Mediterranean Egypt's experiences a desert climate with little rain throughout the year. The days are generally hot with temperatures rising as high as 41+ degrees in some areas during the day. Temperatures drop considerably in the evenings even in the summer months. Egypt experiences up to 50 desert storms or dust storms each year called Khamsins and are most common between March through to June. Along with the Khamsins the average temperature can increase while humidity drops by as much as 10 percent.


Geographical Information On Egypt

Egypt is famous for having the longest river in the world, the Nile which flows for 1,600 kilometres across the Sahara until it reaches the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile is a mix of three long rivers in central Africa, the White Nile, the Blue Nile and the Atbarah. Egypt has a coastline of 2,450 kilometres and sits between the Gaza Strip and Libya. The country side is mainly desert with only 3 percent of the land being arable. The highest peak is Mount Catherine measuring up to 2,629 metres. Egypt still has many ancient temples and pyramids that were built to honor the gods over 4,500 years ago. Hieroglyphs or sacred inscriptions still remain inscribed on many of the temple walls.


Learn About The Economy In Egypt

Much of Egypt's economy is derived from the tourism industy with over 2.5 million people visiting each year. Egypt exports crude oil, petroleum products, cotton, textiles, metal products as well as chemicals. The unemployment rate sits at around 12 percent while the poverty line is under 23 percent. The official currency is the Egyptian Pound. The agricultural industry is low sitting around 16 perecnt with the main produces being cotton, rice, corn, wheat, beans, fruits, water buffalo, sheep, goats and fish.

Apartments in Egypt

* Ain Sokhna Apartments* Ain Sokha Apartments* El Alamein Apartments
* Al Alamayn Apartments* Hurghada Apartments* Al Ghardaqah Apartments
* Al Ḩammām Apartments* Al Hammam Eg Apartments* 6th Of October Apartments
* Al Jizah Apartments* Al Marīs Apartments* Al Maris Apartments
* Al Wafāʼ Apartments* Al Wafa Apartments* Alexandria Apartments
* Aş Şubḩīyah Apartments* As Subhiyah Apartments* Aswan Apartments
* Az Za‘farānah Apartments* Az Zafaranah Apartments* Borg El Arab Apartments
* Cairo Apartments* Dawwār Shindī Fannūsh Apartments* Dawwar Shindi Fannush Apartments
* Dahab Apartments* Dhahab Apartments* Fayed Apartments
* Faid Apartments* King Mariout Apartments* Ikinj Maryut Apartments
* Ismailia Apartments* ‘Izbat al Ḩājjah Ḑūwah Apartments* Izbat Al Hajjah Duwah Apartments
* Kirdāsah Apartments* Kirdasah Apartments* Luxor Apartments
* Madīnat ash Shurūq Apartments* Madinat Ash Shuruq Apartments* Marsa Alam City Apartments
* Marsa Al Alam Apartments* Marsa Matruh Apartments* Nazlat as Sammān Apartments
* Nazlat As Samman Apartments* Nuweiba Apartments* Nuwaybi Apartments
* Port Said Apartments* Port Said Eg Apartments* Ras El Bar Apartments
* Ras El Barr Apartments* Ras Sedr Apartments* Ras Sudr Apartments
* Sharm El Sheikh Apartments* Sherm El Sheikh Apartments* Sidi Krir Apartments
* Sidi Kurayr Apartments* Taba Apartments* Ţanţā Apartments
* Tanta Apartments

Attractions, Activities and Tours in Egypt

* Aswan Attractions* Cairo Attractions* Hurghada Attractions
* Luxor Attractions* Sharm El Sheikh Attractions* Alexandria Attractions
* Bawiti Attractions* Dahab Attractions* Dakhla Attractions
* Edfu Attractions* Giza Attractions* Luxor City Attractions
* Marsa Alam Attractions* Port Said Attractions* Safaga Attractions

Guesthouses in Egypt

* Abu Dabab Guesthouses* 6th Of October Guesthouses* Al Jizah Guesthouses
* Aswan Guesthouses* Cairo Guesthouses* Kafr Abū ʼumaydah Guesthouses
* Kafr Abu Umaydah Guesthouses* Luxor Guesthouses* Marsa Alam City Guesthouses
* Marsa Al Alam Guesthouses

Hostels in Egypt

* Hurghada Hostels* Al Ghardaqah Hostels* Alexandria Hostels
* Cairo Hostels* Dahab Hostels* Dhahab Hostels
* Luxor Hostels

Hotels in Egypt

* Abydos Hotels* Abidus Hotels* Abu Dabab Hotels
* Abū Ghuşūn Hotels* Abu Ghusun Hotels* Abū Şīr Hotels
* Abu Sir Hotels* Abū Sulţān Hotels* Abu Sultan Hotels
* Abu Simbel Hotels* Abu Sunbul Hotels* Abū Zanīmah Hotels
* Abu Zanimah Hotels* Ain Sokhna Hotels* Ain Sokha Hotels
* El Alamein Hotels* Al Alamayn Hotels* El Arish Hotels
* Al Arish Hotels* Al Ba‘īrāt Hotels* Al Bairat Hotels
* Bawati Hotels* Al Bawiti Hotels* Hurghada Hotels
* Al Ghardaqah Hotels* 6th Of October Hotels* Al Jizah Hotels
* Al Khārijah Hotels* Al Kharijah Hotels* Al Minya Hotels
* Quseir Hotels* Al Qusayr Hotels* Alexandria Hotels
* Aş Şa‘āʼidah al Qiblī Hotels* As Saaidah Al Qibli Hotels* Ash Shaţţ Hotels
* Ash Shatt Hotels* Aswan Hotels* Asyut Hotels
* Az Za‘farānah Hotels* Az Zafaranah Hotels* Beni Suef Hotels
* Bani Suwayf Hotels* Borg El Arab Hotels* Safaga Hotels
* Bur Safajah Hotels* Cairo Hotels* Coraya Bay Hotels
* Dawwār ‘Abd al ‘Aţī Abū ‘Ajūz Hotels* Dawwar Abd Al Ati Abu Ajuz Hotels* Dawwār ‘Abd al Qādir Qāsim Hotels
* Dawwar Abd Al Qadir Qasim Hotels* Dawwār Muḩammad Abū Shanab Hotels* Dawwar Muhammad Abu Shanab Hotels
* Dahab Hotels* Dhahab Hotels* El-Tor Hotels
* Fayed Hotels* Faid Hotels* King Mariout Hotels
* Ikinj Maryut Hotels* Ismailia Hotels* Esna Hotels
* Isna Hotels* ‘Izbat an Nāmūs Hotels* Izbat An Namus Hotels
* ‘Izbat Yūsif Barrādah Hotels* Izbat Yusif Barradah Hotels* Luxor Hotels
* Madinat Al Ashir min Ramadan Hotels* Marsa Alam City Hotels* Marsa Al Alam Hotels
* Marsa Matruh Hotels* Maydūm Hotels* Maydum Hotels
* Naj‘ Suhayl Gharb Hotels* Naj Suhayl Gharb Hotels* Nazlat Armant Hotels
* Nazlet el-Sîsi Hotels* Nazlat As Sisi Hotels* Nuweiba Hotels
* Nuwaybi Hotels* Nuweiba` Hotels* Nuweiba Hotels
* Port Ghalib Hotels* Port Said Hotels* Port Said Eg Hotels
* Qaryat at Ta‘mīr as Siyāḩīyah Hotels* Qaryat At Tamir As Siyahiyah Hotels* Raʼs Matarma Hotels
* Ras Matarma Hotels* Ras Sedr Hotels* Ras Sudr Hotels
* Sharm El Sheikh Hotels* Sherm El Sheikh Hotels* Sīdī ‘Abd ar Raḩmān Hotels
* Sidi Abd Ar Rahman Hotels* Siwa Hotels* Siwah Hotels
* Taba Hotels

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