General Information about Dominica

Dominica is an island nation located in the Caribbean that belongs to the Central American continent. Dominica means 'Sunday' in Latin and was named this by Christopher Columbus after he found the country on a Sunday. Dominica is often referred to as 'The Nature Island of the Caribbean' due to it's variety of animal and plant life that is protected by a natural park system. English is the official language spoken by the Dominican people though a French Creole is also widely spoken.

The most commonly practised religion in Dominica is Christian. Dominica has a population of around 71,000 people. Around 15,000 people live in Dominica's capital city Roseau which is situated in the country's west on the Caribbean coastline. Dominica has two waterfalls that are popular places to visit. The Emerald Pool, at the base of a 12 metre waterfall and the Trafalgar Falls. The Trafalgar Falls are found at the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and consist of two waterfalls- the Father and the Mother. Dominica is also home to the worlds second largest boiling lake. It takes a day to hike to the boiling lake starting from the Titou Gorge in Laudat, not far from Roseau.


Find Out About The Climate Of Dominica

Dominica enjoys a mild tropical climate which is particularly pleasant throughout the year. The dry season begins in Februray and continues on up until May with averages of up to 32 degrees. Between June and October is the beginning of the wet season and if you are planning a trip during this period then care should be taken as hurricanes are common. Rainfall is heavier in the mountainous parts with an average of as much as 250 inches while in the rest of the country the average ranges between 60 and 145 inches. The most popular months to visit are between December and March where the weather is at its most pleasant.


Geographical Information On Dominica

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica and set inbetween the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Dominica has a total area of 48,730 square kilometres which includes 350 square kilometres of water. The coastline of Dominica extends for over 1,288 kilometres around the islands beautiful coast. The terrain of Dominica is mountainous and is filled with rugged highlands and many fertile valleys.

The world's second largest boiling lake can be found on the island within the Lesser Antilles which is formed by geothermal-volcanic activity. The highest point of Dominica can be found in the Windward Islands and rises to over 1,447 metres and is known as Morne Diablotins. Morne Diablotins is of volcanic origin with the last reported eruption occurring over 30,000 years ago. The lowest point of Dominica is known as Lake Enriquillo at 46 metres below sea level. Lake Enriquillo is inhabited by crocodiles and is one of the world's few saltwater lakes. Lake Enriquillo extends for 265 square kilometres and was formed more than one million years ago.


Learn About The Economy Of Dominica

For many years the economy of Dominica was cheifly centred around it's exports of sugar, coffee, and tobacco but has since been challenged by the growth of the free trade and tourism industry. Dominica suffers from great underemployment and also high rates of unemployment and suffers greatly from income inequality. The agricultural industry is low with a small contribution of just over 11 percent. The main agricultural produces are sugurcane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, rice, beans, and bannanas just to name a few. The most popular industry trades are the tourism industry, sugar processing, ferronickel and gold mining, textiles, cement and tobacco. The official currency of Dominica is the Dominican Peso.

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