Democratic Republic

General Information about Democratic Republic

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a population of 56,625,039 people. It is found in Africa and is a landlocked country bordered by Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Buruni, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Congo and the Central African Republic. The official language spoken in this country is French.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has beautiful rainforests that are inhabited by many rare and unique species. Due to war and poor economic conditions, five of the country's national parks have been listed as World Heritage Sites. However, traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently viewed as dangerous due to lawlessness and civil arrest followed by the fighting that broke out in the capital city Kinshasa in March 2007.


Find Out About The Climate Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Because the Democratic Republic Of Congo is crossed by the Equator the seasons are reversed in the north and south. The Demorcratic Republic Of Congo's climate is tropical with wet and dry seasons. December through to February are the driest months to visit the south side of the Equator as well as April through to October in the north. Average temperatures sit around 19 to 32 degrees Celsiu.


Geographical Information On The Demorcratic Republic Of Congo

The Demorcratic Republic Of Congo (Zaire) has a small coastline of only 37 kilometres and a total landmass of 2,345,410 square kilometres. The main rivers are the famous Ubangi which measures up to 1,126 kilometres which is formed by the Bomu River in the north. In the west there is the principal river the Congo (Zaire) which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Much of the east is mountainous with groups of mountains that are part of the East African Rift System. The Congo's hightest peak Margherita measures up to 5,119 metres.


Learn About The Economy Of The Demorcratic Republic Of Congo

Much of the Congo's economy is derived from the agricultural industry with coffee, sugar, palm oil, tea, and rubber being produced. The Demorcratic Republic of Congo is also rich in natural minerals such as diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt, and coltan zinc. The pricipal exports are coffee, cobalt, copper and diamonds. The offical currency is the New Zaire and can be divided into 100 Makuta.

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