Republic of Congo

General Information about Republic of Congo

The Republic Of Congo is an African country bordered by the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic Of Congo, Angola, Gaon, Cameroon and the South Atlantic Ocean. The Republic Of Congo is situated on the equator so it has a consistantly hot and humid climate of around 24 °C all year.

There are about 3,900,000 people living in the Republic Of Congo with around 1.5 million living in it's capital city Brazzaville which lies on the Congo River. French is the official language of the Congolese people but the local dialect Kikongo is most commonly spoken. Most Congolese people are of Christian or Animist religion.

Brazzaville, with it's candlelit markets in the PotoPoto district looks like a quiet French town set in the middle of Africa. The Pointe Noire beaches are also a popular place for people visiting the Republic Of Congo. Here there are many large beaches, bars and retaurants.


Find Out About The Climate In The Republic of Congo

The Rupublic of Congo experiences a hot humid tropical climate, mainly because of its location to the equatorial river basin. June through to September are the best months to visit with little rain. The wet season begins in October last up until May with heavy rain falls more common in the south. The average annual temperature sits around 30 degrees while the evenings can be cool at times.


Geographical Information On The Republic Of Congo

The Republic of Congo is a very large country with a total land mass of 2,345,410 square kilometres with a tiny coastline of 37 kilometres along the Atlantic Ocean. The Republic of Congo also includes the greater part of the Congo River Basin which is spread across over one million square kilometres. The Pic Marquerite which rises over 5,110 metres is the highest peak in the Congo, which is located on Mount Ngaliema and is often referred to as Mount Stanley.


Learn About The Economy In The Republic Of Congo

Despite such a large population the Republic of Congo is amongst the poorest countries in the world. Out of the 40 countries is the sub-Saharan Africa region the Congo came in at 39th place and is only 43 percent free financially. Over 65 percent of the population is employed in the agricultural industry which accounts for over 59 percent of the economy. The main produces in the Republic of Congo are coffee, tea, sugar, palm oil and tapioca. They mainly export to Benelux, the US, South Africa, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK. The Congo receives much financial aid from many countries and has received as much as $195.3 million dollars in the past. The official currency is the Congolese Franc.

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