General Information about Cameroon

Cameroon is in Central West Africa with a sea border on the Bight of Bonny. It has Nigeria on its Western border, Chad to the North-East, the Central African Republic to the East, the Republic of the Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea on its Southern border. Its capital is Yaounde and the country's population is 17.8 million. Cameroon is often described as Africa in minature as it has all the major climatic conditions, terrain and vegetation of the African continent.

Its coastal plain is very hot and humid, is heavily forested and includes some of the wettest places on the continent. The southern plateau region is also forested but is less humid than the coast. The Western High Plateau has a mild climate with high rainfall and fertile soils.

There is much to see in Cameroon with more than 200 ethnic groups whose cultures are still evident today such as the oval houses of the Massa people in the north of the country. Eco-tourism is starting to play a part and Cameroon have taken steps to preserve a number of historical areas such as the Korup National Park which has plant species more than a million years old. Hotel and apartment accommodation is available in the main towns but accommodation is sparse in the rural areas.


Find Out About The Climate In Cameroon

Cameroon experiences two climatic zones in the southern and norther regions. Because Cameroon is set within the tropics the weather is usually hot all year round with averages of 28 degrees. The best months to visit the southern regions for dry weather is between November and February although the weather can be hot. To avoid rain its best not to travel between July and October as these are the wet months. December through to March are the ideal months to visit Cameroon as the whole country is generally dry as well as many of the game parks being open for tours.


Geographical Information On Cameroon

Cameroon which is set on the Bright of Biafra which is also known as the Bright of Bonny has a total land mass of 475,440 square kilometres with a coastline of over 402 kilometres. Cameroon can be compared in size to Papua New Guinea and is often referred to as Africa in miniature because it features all of the climates and vegetation of Africa. The terrain in Cameroon can only be described as diverse with mountains in the west, dissected plateau in the centre, plains in the northern parts and coastal plains along the south west. The highest peak in Cameroon is known as Fako and can be found on Mount Cameroon which rises to over 4,095 metres.


Learn About The Economy In Cameroon

Cameroon has one of the strongest economy's in Africa and is rich in oil resources. The agricultural industry in Cameroon is also strong and accounts for over 42 percent of the economy and employs over seventy percent of the population. The main exports of Cameroon are crude oil, petroleum products, lumber, cocoa beans, aluminum, coffee and cotton. Cameroon is over 54 percent free financially and ranked in 22 out of 40 countries in the sub-Saharan African region for 2007. The official currency of Cameroon is the Communaute Financiere Africaine which is also used in 13 countries in Africa.

Apartments in Cameroon

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Attractions, Activities and Tours in Cameroon

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