General Information about Cambodia

Cambodia is located in southest Asia between Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Gulf Of Thailand in the Indian Ocean. Cambodia has a population of just under 14,000,000 people with just over 2 milllion of these living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital and largest city. The official language of Cambodians is Khmer but French is also commonly spoken as well as some English. Cambodia's primary religion is Theravada Buddhism which is followed by 95% of the population.

Phnom Penh features many Buddist temples and monastries such as Silver Pagoda, Wat Ounalom and Wat Phnom. Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire from the 9th century to the 15 century and the Temples of Angkor are one of the most popular sites to visit in Cambodia especially the Angkor Wat temple built in the 12th century.

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Find Out About The Climate In Cambodia

Cambodia experiences a typical tropical climate with two main seasons of dry and monsoon. The dry season begins in November lasting up until April with temperatures rising as high as 40 degrees in April. Most of Cambodia's rainfall occurs between May and June as well as September and October. Winters are cool with January being the coolest month to visit. Visiting during late July and early October is not recommended due to seasonal flooding mainly in the region of Phnom Penh.


Geographical Information On Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia which is also known as Kampuchea is the successor state of Khmer Empire which was the largest continuous empire of South East Asia. Brunei is set along the Indochinese penisnsula with its southern most points being located just 10-13 degrees north of the equator. Brunei has a coastline of 443 kilometres and has a total land area of 181,040 square kilometres and is seperated into 21 provinces. The highest peak in Cambodia is Phnum Aoral which measures over 1,810 metres.


Learn About The Economy In Cambodia

Cambodia's economy has suffered for many years mainly because of civil war for over thirty years. Because of this the economy of Cambodia is amongst the poorest in the world. The agricultural industry in Cambodia contributes over 35 percent to the economy and employs 75 percent of the population. Over fifity percent of the population in Cambodia is aged 20 year or younger with over 40 percent of the population living below the poverty line. The industry sector provides 30 percent of the economy including tourism, garments, rice milling and fishing. Cambodia mainly exports to Thailand, Hong Kong and China. The official currency of Cambodia is the Riel.

Apartments in Cambodia

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Attractions, Activities and Tours in Cambodia

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Guesthouses in Cambodia

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* Banlung Guesthouses* Bong Long Guesthouses* Chi Phat Guesthouses
* Kampong Cham Guesthouses* Kampong Chhnang Guesthouses* Sihanoukville Guesthouses
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* Kompong Thom Guesthouses* Kampong Thum Guesthouses* Kampot Guesthouses
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* Koh Rong Island Guesthouses* Koh Rong Sanloem Guesthouses* Koh Rong Samloem Guesthouses
* Kratie Guesthouses* Kracheh Guesthouses* Koh Kong Guesthouses
* Krong Kaoh Kong Guesthouses* Pailin Guesthouses* Krong Poi Pet Guesthouses
* Paoy Pet Guesthouses* Phnom Penh Guesthouses* Tbeng Meanchey Guesthouses
* Phnum Tbeng Meanchey Guesthouses* Phumĭ Kâng Kéng Guesthouses* Phumi Kang Keng Guesthouses
* Phumĭ Kaôh Toch Guesthouses* Phumi Kaoh Toch Guesthouses* Phumĭ Rôléab Tông Guesthouses
* Phumi Roleab Tong Guesthouses* Pursat Guesthouses* Pouthisat Guesthouses
* Prey Vêng Guesthouses* Sen Monourom Guesthouses* Senmonourom Guesthouses
* Siem Reap Guesthouses* Siemreab Guesthouses* Sisophon Guesthouses
* Stœ̆ng Trêng Guesthouses* Stoeng Treng Guesthouses* Svay Riĕng Guesthouses
* Svay Rieng Guesthouses* Ta Khmau Guesthouses* Takeo Guesthouses
* Takev Guesthouses

Hostels in Cambodia

* Banlung Hostels* Bong Long Hostels* Sihanoukville Hostels
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Hotels in Cambodia

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* Battambang Hotels* Batdambang Hotels* Bavet Hotels
* Bokor Hotels* Bok Kou Hotels* Banlung Hotels
* Bong Long Hotels* Chambok Hotels* Chambak Dangkom Hotels
* Chi Phat Hotels* Chŏng Chéach Hotels* Chong Cheach Hotels
* Kampong Cham Hotels* Kâmpóng Chheutéal Hotels* Kampong Chhnang Hotels
* Kâmpóng Khleăng Hotels* Kampong Khleang Hotels* Kâmpóng Roŭ Hotels
* Kampong Rou Hotels* Sihanoukville Hotels* Kampong Saom Hotels
* Kampong Speu Hotels* Kampong Spoe Hotels* Kompong Thom Hotels
* Kampong Thum Hotels* Kampot Hotels* Kaôh Rŭng (5) Hotels
* Kaoh Rung Kh Hotels* Kep Hotels* Khŭm Prêk Pnŏu Hotels
* Khum Prek Pnou Hotels* Koh Dach Hotels* Koh Rong Island Hotels
* Koh Rong Sanloem Hotels* Koh Rong Samloem Hotels* Kratie Hotels
* Kracheh Hotels* Koh Kong Hotels* Krong Kaoh Kong Hotels
* Pailin Hotels* Krong Poi Pet Hotels* Paoy Pet Hotels
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* Phum Dong Hotels* Phumĭ Ângkôr Krau Hotels* Phumi Angkor Krau Hotels
* Banteay Chhmar Hotels* Phumi Banteay Chhmar Hotels* Sra Aem Hotels
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* Bronze Lake Hotels* Phumi Dong Hotels* Koh Ta kiev Island Hotels
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* Phumi Krasang Hotels* Phumĭ Kruŏs Hotels* Phumi Kruos Hotels
* Tavien Hotels* Phumi Lvea Hotels* Phumĭ Phnŏu Hotels
* Phumi Phnou Hotels* Phumĭ Poŭthĭ Té Hotels* Phumi Pouthi Te Hotels
* Phumĭ Prey Srâmaôch Hotels* Phumi Prey Sramaoch Hotels* Phumĭ Pu Nhai Hotels
* Phumi Pu Nhai Hotels* Phumĭ Réach Born Hotels* Phumi Reach Born Hotels
* Phumĭ Srê Chéas Hotels* Phumi Sre Cheas Hotels* Phumĭ Ta Rós Hotels
* Phumi Ta Ros Hotels* Phumĭ Tanat Hotels* Phumi Tanat Hotels
* Phumĭ Thlat Hotels* Phumi Thlat Hotels* Phumĭ Trâpeăng Rung Hotels
* Phumi Trapeang Rung Hotels* Phumĭ Trás Treăng Hotels* Phumi Tras Treang Hotels
* Pursat Hotels* Pouthisat Hotels* Prek Toal Hotels
* Praak Toal Hotels* Prey Vêng Hotels* Sen Monourom Hotels
* Senmonourom Hotels* Siem Reap Hotels* Siemreab Hotels
* Sisophon Hotels* Snuol Hotels* Song Saa Private Island Hotels
* Song Saa Hotels* Stœ̆ng Trêng Hotels* Stoeng Treng Hotels
* Svay Riĕng Hotels* Svay Rieng Hotels* Ta Khmau Hotels
* Takeo Hotels* Takev Hotels* Tăng Krâsăng Hotels
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