General Information about Bermuda

Bermuda is a North American island nation consisting of over 130 islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is the oldest and most populated British overseas territory in the world and was first settled in 1609. Bermuda is home to the northernmost coral reefs in the world and 66,000 people.

The official language spoken in Bermuda is English but some Portuguese is also spoken. The main religions followed in Bermuda are Anglican, Roman Catholic, Protestant and African Methodist Episcopal. Bermuda's capital and largest city Hamilton, named after Sir Henry Hamilton (governor of Bermuda between 1778 and 1794) is located on Bermuda (or Great Bermuda) island and is home to under one thousand people.

Beaches are the most popular places to be in Bermuda. Horseshoe Bay is one of the favourites and is one of Bermuda's most beautiful beaches. The sand here is soft pink and there is a Beach House which offers rental equipment for watersports. Also popular is the Cristobal Colon dive site. This Spanish liner washed up in Bermudian waters in 1923 and was blown into two parts during World War II. Also at this site is the wreck of a Norwegian cargo ship that still has it's cargo sitting on deck- a fire truck. St George town is another place that attracts many visitors. This town appears almost the same as it did when it was founded in 1612. Now an UNESCO World Heritage Site, St George town is the oldest continuously populated British settlement in the New World.


Find Out About The Climate In Bermuda

The climate of Bermuda can be described as subtropical with rainfall being evenly distributed throughout the year. The weather conditions of Bermuda are warmed by the Gulf Stream with pleasant conditions all year round and averages of 30 degrees. The warmest months to visit are from April up until October with many visitors enjoying Bermuda's perfect ocean temperatures. August in particular is the best month to visit as this is the warmest month. February is the coolest month to visit Bermuda where conditions can drop as low as 14 degrees. If your planning a trip between June and November then care should be taken as hurricanes and tropical storms do occur during this period.


Geographical Information On Bermuda

Bermuda which is officially known as The Bermuda islands or The Somers Isles has a large group of islands spread over an area of just 53.3 square kilometres with a coastline of 103 kilometres. Set in the North Atlantic Ocean east coast of the United States of America with the closest landmass being Cape hatteras and North Carolina. There are over 138 islands in the island group with the largest island being known simply as Main Island and is sometimes called Bermuda or Great Bermuda. The terrain of Bermuda consists of many low hills which are separated by fertile depressions. The highest point of Bermuda is known as Town Hill and rises to just 76 metres while the lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean at sea level.


Learn About The Economy Of Bermuda

Bermuda has one of the world's highest per capita incomes which is over 50 percent higher to that of the US. Bermuda has strong ties with international businesses as well as providing luxury facilities for their tourists. Most of the visitors to the islands come from the US resulting in the tourism industry being one of the most important contributors to the economy. The agricultural industry is low with only three percent of the population being involved. Because of this most of the food requirments for the islands has to be imported in. The main produces of Bermuda is bananas, vegetables, citrus, flowers, honey and dairy products. The main exports of Bermuda is pharmaceuticals and the official currency is the Bermudian Dollar.

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